Contribute to the portal

Contribute to the Portal The portal for the archives of science and technology in Italy is open to contributions from people and institutions wishing to make their own archival holding and researches accessible within a framework of safeguarding, use, and knowledge sharing.

The portal makes it possible to locate more than 1,500 archives in over 200 Italian institutions. This result, though remarkable in itself, is not the conclusion but rather the starting point of an itinerary whose aim is to enhance the potential for scholarly work and public engagement on this cultural heritage.


Make your archive better known

Should the holders of science archives wish to make them more visible and accessible through the portal, they can share the information they intend to bring to the attention of the public by using the IT tools available in the portal; they can provide descriptions of their archives or even develop a complete inventory.


Share your stories

Would you like to share the stories that emerge from your archive? Would you like to let others know about your research through the portal? Send us a proposal to enrich the Stories webpage.


Contact us and we shall help you to become part of our community of Science and Technology Archives


All materials sent will contribute to enrich the Portal. Contents will be available for all in share-alike mode.