Accademia Nazionale delle Scienze detta dei XL: https://www.accademiaxl.it/en/

The Italian National Academy of Sciences reunites, since 1782, some of the most illustrious Italian and foreign Scientists with the aim of fostering the advancement of scientific knowledge and enhancing the history of science.

With this purpose, the Academy awards scientific prizes, organizes meetings and conferences at various levels, publishes periodicals and series, maintains relations and collaborations with Italian and International Organisations and Institutions, and establishes consultative committees for governmental agencies.

The Academy has gathered a precious institutional archive in more than two centuries and has acquired numerous private archives of Italian scientists, bestowed by the scholars themselves or by their families so that the heritage be preserved and valued rather than being at risk of dispersion. The Academy possesses the collection of the ‘Sources for the History of Quantum Physics' in the form of microfilm. The collection has interviews of the scientists who developed Quantum Physics and their collaborators. 

The Academic Library contained initially the bibliographic and archival collection assembled by the founder of the Society, A. M. Lorgna, during his presidency. With time, the library index has grown thanks to endowments and exchanges of publications with other Italian and foreign Academies (in some cases of the beginning of the Nineteenth Century), and to a purchasing policy of old scientific volumes, works of members, works of history and philosophy of science and of history of science policy.