Sapienza - Università di Roma: https://web.uniroma1.it/lcm/en

The Department of Letters and Modern Cultures of Sapienza - University of Rome was born on November 2018 and is the result of the merger of the Departments of Documentary, Linguistic-Philological and Geographical Sciences and of Greek-Latin, Italian and Scenic-Musical Studies. The centre of the cultural project that led to its birth can be identified in the different declinations of the words text, document and representation and in the close links between them.

The text is analysed in its linguistic, glottological, philological and literary aspects but also in the specific languages it takes in music, theatre, films and the dynamics that mark its production, circulation and luck in time and space.

The document intended both as a concrete sedimentation of the memory of a territory and a society, and as a direct representation of present and past reality, is studied in all its forms (written, geographical, audio-visuals), supports (analogue and digital), transmission, conservation and fruition strategies.

The representation is the space, the place and the performative environment in which multiple (continuously cultural) identities (cultural, national, territorial and gender) are defined.

The Department, heir to a rich tradition of studies, preserves in its structures a rich library and documentary heritage ranging from the texts adopted for lessons, to the map library, to the personal archives of scholars and teachers.