Italian Overseas Territories: The First Triannual Exhibition in Naples

On 9 May 1940 in Naples King Vittorio Emanuele III inaugurated the First Triannual Exhibition of Italian Overseas Territories: "... a global and summary review of achievements of value and of Italian work in Africa" that was to "document the whole of the political, social, economic, and cultural activities by means of which Fascist Italy is preparing to make our Overseas Territories into a luxuriant source of wellbeing and of power of the Homeland."

A complex propaganda operation that illustrated the policies implemented by the Regime in the territories of East Africa, Libya, Albania, and the Italian isles of the Aegean (today the Dodecanese), and which intended to present the colonies, not as territories of conquest, but as the natural continuation of its own territory beyond the sea, linked to the homeland by historical, social, and economic ties.