The Venetian lagoon is a delicate and fragile environment, a balance between natural and human forces. The environment was well known by Count Alessandro Pericle Ninni, a naturalist born in Venice in 1837, who devoted most of his life to zoological studies, especially fauna of the Veneto, planning for the construction of a zoological station in Venice, like the one founded by Dorhn in Naples.

And it is the library at the Museo di Storia Naturale di Venezia, in fact, that preserves the studies of Ninni and other scientists, as well as a rich collection of manuscripts. The maze of lagoon waters slides in among flat and boggy grounds: in the salt marshes dwell reeds, salicornia, Limonium; here the colors transform with the seasons, and in these natural oases, birds nest using these areas, staying toward the velme, the shallow bottoms that are completely exposed during low tides.