And what were thou [Mont Blanc], and the earth, and stars, and sea, If to the human mind's imaginings Silence and solitude were vacancy? (P. B. Shelley)

Silence and solitude are, of themselves, essential elements of the image of the mountain, as promoted through trademarks. What are they? A product's label and its trademark distinguish the product, and the two do not always coincide. The trademark makes the brand image of a company unmistakable; it identifies a product, but it is also a monopoly, one that gives a person or legal entity the exclusive right to use that manner of imaging.

A trademark signals the level of innovation of a country; it tells the story of the registering of an idea, of technical and scientific progress, of the evolution of taste, of graphics and vocabulary. From the 19th century on, the image of the mountain was highly present in Italian brands, associated with products such as liquor, leather, food products, pharmaceuticals, utensils, but also to healthful sports, like skiing.