Can beauty help transform a contextual situation, such as the hospital, where people face physical and psychological suffering every day? In 2011, a special exhibition opened at the Policlinico Tor Vergata in Rome: Il sogno della natura. Dal curarsi al prendersi cura: la persona e l'ambiente un dialogo per la salute. (The dream of nature. From healing to care giving: the person and the environment, a dialogue for health.) 150 photographs dedicated to Italian flora and fauna.

The image of using nature for combatting pain, as highlighted by the 18 June 2010 Corriere della Sera, in its article dedicated to the initiative. A narrative medicine project that pointed out the therapeutic and emotional effects of images on patients and operators: nature, the technique of photography, and their innumerable possibilities for coming together, in support of medical and scientific research. After all, as Fulco Pratesi wrote in the exhibition catalog: "The wisdom of the Native Americans would have it that animals were to be our companions on the path of healing, linking us to Mother Earth."